Fukuwarai, so called "Lucky Laugh" in English, is a Japanese game played around the New year days. The game became popular in the Edo period(1603~1868) and has been played by children since. The game is similar to that of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” except for being performed on a table.

How to play

There are cut off face parts, such as the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth and a printed face whithout the face parts.


The first chosen player has to be blindfolded by some cloth or towel so he can’t see anything. The others shuffle the face parts and put them on the printed face and tell the player when to start. When the game starts the blindfolded player touches the face parts one by one and speculate which part of the face it is, which way it should be and put the parts in the right position of the face.


The others can give the player some hints. It may be a good (right) hint, or it may be a bad (wrong) hint. Everybody take turns and make a funny face. The winner of the game is the luckiest player who made the funniest face.


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