Menko , also known as Bettan or Patchin, is a Japanese card game played by two or more players. Menko cards are made from thick paper or cardboard, printed on one sides with images from cartoons, manga, and other TV works.

Menko has been popular since the Edo period. Its quick and simple rules have made it popular among children of all age groups. Because technique is just as important as power in this game, smaller children can compete fairly with older players.

The pictures on these cards reflect the popular culture of that time, and Menko cards from the past reflect important information about their era. In the Edo and early Meiji period, images like ninja and samurai were popular. Before World War II, the most popular images were of the military, like fighter planes and battleships. After the war, characters from cartoons and TVanimation were popular, as well as baseball players.


<How to play>

Choose the first player to start and other player's card is placed inside the boundry circle about a meter wide. The first player throws down his card against the other player's card real hard. There are two ways to win, one is to flip the other player's card upside-down, and another is to push   the other player's card outside the boundry circle. If he succeeds, he can take the other player's card and continue to throw again . If he doesn’t succeed it’s next players turn to throw. The player who takes all the cards, or the one with the most cards at the game's end, wins the game.

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