Ohajiki is a traditional game for Japanese children, especially girls. In the past, they used roll shells, pebbles or pieces from other games, but recently they use small and flat coin-shaped ceramics or glasses. The name of the game comes from the word ‘Hajiku’  which means ‘to snap something with a finger.’ This game became very popular as an indoor game for girls during the Edo period (from 1603 to 1867).

 <How to play>

From two to four people can play together. Before starting , pick about 20~30 pieces of ohajiki and Scatter the ohajiki apart.                           

1. All players sit down on the floor and scatter the ohajiki apart in the middle, so that the ohajiki do not touch each other .Then do a rock, paper, and scissors to choose who starts  first.

2. The first player chooses which two ohajiki he wants to play, one ohajiki to shoot and one to hit and take.

3. Next the first player draws an imaginary line between the two ohajiki with his second finger to declare which ohajiki he is going to shoot and take . He must not touch the two ohajiki or it will be next players turn.

4. After he declares which ohajiki he wants to play, the first player shoots the blue: shooting ohajiki to the red:hitting ohajiki  by snapping his second finger. If he misses or hits other ohajikis, it's second players turn.

5. After the first player successfully hit the blue:shooting ohajiki to the red:hitting ohajiki, he must again draw an imaginary line between the two ohajikis without touching them . Then he can take the red : hitting ohajiki.

6. If the two ohajikis touch each other,the player must draw the imaginary line so that the two ohajikis are kept apart for the next players.

Draw an imaginary line

in order to keep the two touching ohajikis apart.

 7. Keep on shooting if you succeed to hit the ohajiki successfully.If you miss it’s next players turn. At last the one who has the most ohajikis is the winner.

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